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You still have to follow codes and get it inspected but you can do it. Kip November 25, , 6: Australia seems to thrive on making many things illegal, such as riding a bicycle without a helmet. Not sure about install, but our Texas town requires a septic inspection three times a year. Of course, then you have to put your head in the shitter three times a year, so for me this one is worth it. I stick to indoor plumbing jobs, even though those are gross too sometimes. I think for most of the things you are talking about, you get a permit and you can do the work, or a contractor registered with the city can do the work.

Not only do you save money, but you save time too, it sucks to learn you have to wait two days before someone can come out to diagnose a problem.

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I think knowing your own skills is important before taking on something like this. Nonetheless, I was able to still replace it and save several thousands of dollars because I replaced them during the time when the Ontario Government was giving money back for eco renovations. Essentially it worked out that the government reimbursed me for half of the overall costs of the units and installation and I now have a high efficiency HVAC system and the low bills that go with it.

The Lazy Electrician November 24, , 7: You forgot one important step: CSST is notorious for developing pinhole leaks due to lightning strikes, so take a piece of 6 copper and run it from your panel to a pipe clamp on the black metal pipe at the point where the CSST begins.. They are notorious for putting nails through that stuff and having the house catch on fire. There was a lot of it used in the next town over, and their fire department is huge.

Money Mustache November 24, , 8: If you have your work permitted and inspected, the insurance company usually does not care who does the work from my experience so far. But another thing to consider: Plus, construction standards were very low in the olden days to begin with, so even a completely stock house will have problems far greater than this well-done DIY gas furnace.

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You do get a discount for a newer house however. A single family house is just a simple shelter for humans — a glorified cave. Not all that expensive and not very complicated, so nothing to be afraid of. FromerFrontRangeGuy November 24, , 9: Years ago an insurance industry representative on the Hometime radio show hosted by Dean Johnson addressed this in connection to a question on electrical work. I guess gas work would be the same. If memory serves, their position was that they would cover damage related to work done by homeowners if it was done under a permit, whether it met code or not.

If there was damage related to DIY work that was unpermitted but still met codes, that would also be covered. The danger was DIY work that was unpermitted and where a code violation was related to the damage. They could refuse to cover that. As far as municipal requirements for a licensed person to do the gas work, it may be part of the legal position that the main purpose of permits and inspections is to protect the public in general and not the homeowner specifically.

I was looking at a house to buy and noticed that they had installed a shower without obtaining a permit advice to home buyers, always check the contents of the house against its original plans and that any additions have the appropriate council consents. When I asked my insurance broker if they would cover the work they said no — so any damage done by a leaking shower would be my problem.

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So please, make sure you get all necessary permits, otherwise you leave a very expensvie problem for someone down the line. The problem with gas fittings is that if they blow up the house it will be nigh on impossible to prove that it was installed according to code if unpermitted or that you had not made a mistake in adjusting it post install.

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Insurance companies usually use any excuse to not pay out. Bearing in mind the extent of damage to other properties and people caused by house explosions it could result in the loss of your entire cash stash in one lawsuit, turning you into a very poor unemployed person overnight. Billy November 24, , 8: Get them to tell you exactly what the problem is and how they would fix it.

Val November 25, , 9: And most furnaces have an error code system that should be pretty obvious a series of blinks indicates error 17 — insufficient airflow for induced draft blower, e.

Look up error codes for your brand online, and figure out how to read them. For mine, there was a dead bird in the outflow PVC flue, and the motor was stuck. Bob November 24, , 8: After the Radiant head experiment I was inspired and took upon myself to replace the boiler for my house. I had amazing experience with Alpine Home Air. They have technicians that will help you and they really know their stuff.

I work on the principle that as I have a PE license retired this year and have worked in mechanical infrastructure building wafer fabs for 30 years, I am more qualified than just about anyone! Geez, String theory and Quantum physics is complicated, not installing a furnace! Zac November 24, , 1: It truly seems like nothing is beyond comprehension and eventual competence if you make it your goal to learn and do. BMG November 24, , 9: The process was straightforward and very enjoyable.

I have propane and did all the piping, checking for leaks with soapy water. All the intake and exhaust was PVC. Just like plumbing a DWV system. One may be able to find a retired HVAC guy or teacher in the area by posting on craigslist or asking at supply houses. Just make sure they are comfortable with newish technology. A few 20 dollar bills or some beer is usually more than enough to solicit some expert help.

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Same with hot water heaters. You can fairly easily replace a thermocouple common failure point for 12 bucks, in about a half hour, with a screw driver and a pair of pliers. Love these DIY posts! I would really like to try this project myself too. My concern is my furnace located in the attic in very tight quarters and awful working conditions. Steve November 24, , Obviously, throwing out an old furnace and associated materials has to go somewhere. And there is buying and shipping in a new furnace. Stephane November 24, , 3: My biggest problem is I suspect gas will go the way of the dodo soon, so getting a high efficiency furnace might not make any sense.

Add to that they are very expensive, and you could add a decent amount of solar heating for the price. What makes you say that? Eliza November 24, , 8: You would need to look at the lifecycle analysis for furnaces to figure out if the embodied energy the materials, manufacturing, delivery etc outweighs the energy savings.

Generally, because appliances use energy during their lifecycle, the environmental impact during the use phase is more significant than the embodied energy. Luke December 5, , 8: An old furnace is completely recyclable. Bob Derek November 24, , Where I live almost everyone has forced air cooling but baseboard heating so this does not help us that much. And, if it involves gas, thanks but I will leave that to a professional.

David B December 27, , 9: Steve M November 24, , 1: One thing I spent a fair amount of time calculating was the size of the replacement furnace. As far as I remember, the BTU rating was the gas consumption on the input as labelled on my old furnace … Either way, this is the time to assess the sizing of the unit.

There are many calculators online to help with the sizing, and the folks at Alpine Air are quite helpful. JD November 24, , 1: Thanks for the write-up. One aspect I question, though, is your recommendation to use the same size unit as the existing furnace. This advice is problematic as most older units are over-sized already, especially if you have made improvements to the building envelope such as insulation or air sealing. In Two Minds. Charlie Haden - Jim Hall. Back In The Pan. Beyond The Lines. With Martin Gjakonovski and Adam Nussbaum. X-Ray Blues. Original Yard Food.

Industrial Introduction -- London -- Slug Bait Live At Southampton -- Slug Bait Live At Brighton Maggot Death Studio Recording -- Maggot Death Live At Southampton -- Maggot Death Live At Brighton -- After Cease To Exist Soundtrack -- Last Exit Brighton Poly -- Forced Entry Nuffield -- Tesco Disco Rat Club, London -- Feeling Critical ArtCollege Winchester -- National Affront Nuffield -- Zyklon B Zombie 7 Single -- United 7 Single. Beachy Head -- Still Walking -- Tanith -- Convincing People -- Exotica -- Persuasion -- Walkabout -- What A Day!

Six Six Sixties -- Weapon Training - The Factory -- Convincing People - The Factory -- They Make No Say - Northampton -- See You Are - The Factory -- What A Day - The Factory -- Discipline - Manchester - 12 Single -- Discipline Berlin - 12 Single. Baro -- Levo -- Tame -- Garbo -- Buteo -- Duolo -- Konter -- Steady -- Glint -- Jim Jams. Something Of Life.

Out of This Furnace Lesson Plans for Teachers | zoserajocijy.gq

Includes live and studio recordings. Flying Letters. Birdies For Lulu.

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Gowanus Canal. Includes music by Ellington, Monk, Kern, and more. Live In Zurich. Schweizer plays piano -- Favre is on drums.

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